Cheryl combines her raw legal talent and technical mastery of the law with an intuitive, practical, and strategic style geared towards getting the best results for her clients.  Throughout my divorce, Cheryl was my strongest advocate who steadfastly and efficiently kept her (and my) focus on what was best for me and my children. At a time when emotions were running high, Cheryl’s well-reasoned, well-executed, and calming approach quickly got me through the storm of divorce and achieved excellent results. I highly recommend her!



Cheryl is incredibly smart about people. Not only did she understand my needs and objectives, and help me accomplish my legal goals, but she truly helped heal me as a person. To this day, I am so grateful for her counsel.



It wasn’t just about the dollars-and-cents and the law with Cheryl, she also addressed my emotional needs as husband/father with skill and grace.