Law Offices of Cheryl M. Berdelle

Our practice focuses on family law issues arising within the context of divorce including spousal support, the valuation and allocation of property, parental decision making, responsibilities, child support and parenting. We also represent clients in parentage proceedings, post judgment proceedings, prenuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements and appeals. We have represented spouses, parents, children and families from all backgrounds. This extensive experience allows us to serve clients with complex financial issues including the need for maintenance, business valuations, expert forensic analysis and an assessment of the equitable division of assets. We apply the same expertise and commitment to every matter, regardless of complexity, knowing the outcome of every case has great significance to our clients.


We are skilled in bringing our mediation experience to bear upon every issue. Cheryl M. Berdelle received her training from the highly regarded Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago, Illinois. Her goal is to facilitate a fair and just resolution of the legal issues which often arise within a highly emotional context. She is adept at recognizing the interests of both parties no matter how opposed the positions appear. It is with a keen understanding of divergent interests and creative solutions that she has successfully mediated disputes which otherwise appeared locked in conflict. The ability to achieve resolution through mediation preserves the resources of the parties and the stability of the future relationship of the parties so critical to co‑parenting.


When litigation is necessary and appropriate, we ask the client to join with us in this commitment to achieve the client’s goals. We have successfully litigated in all areas of the law, including the determination of parental responsibilities (formerly known as child custody), child support, spousal support, parenting time, and the valuation and equitable disposition of complex personal and business assets.

Child Representation:

Cheryl M. Berdelle is often appointed by Court to represent children in divorce proceedings in which the parties are divided as to the allocation of parenting decisions and parenting time. As a child’s representative or guardian ad litem, Ms. Berdelle investigates the issues presented by the parents, assists in mediating disputes brought forth by the parties and advises the Court of the best interests of the children. This role directly informs her approach to the relevant issues parents face in divorce proceedings and issues which arise in a post-divorce context.

Pre-Martial and Post-Nuptial Agreements:

Marrying with established assets requires a special sensitivity to the preservation of property and the predetermination of responsibilities in the event of a divorce. Our experience provides marrying or newly married spouses with the perspective necessary to achieve their individual goals while honoring an existing or future marital union.

Civil Unions:

Under the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act, a party entering a civil union is now entitled to the same responsibilities, protections and benefits as afforded to spouses. Our representation in both the establishment and dissolution of a civil union ensures the protection of the rights of the individual.


When the trial process does not produce the equitable result which the facts and the law require, we stand prepared to seek relief at the appellate court level using our years of successful appellate court experience and advocacy. Ms. Berdelle devoted the first five years of her professional career to an exclusive appellate practice, achieving reversals in many cases.