Making an Appointment

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In the initial interview and consultation, we strive to make the potential client comfortable with what we regard as a very significant step. The initial consultation will cover all of your concerns and questions. If you have a question that hinges upon a specific document, such as a tax return, deed, pay stub or any other financial instrument, we recommend you bring it with you to the appointment. Schedule between one and two hours of time as clients are eager to share and discuss their concerns before we begin the attorney‑client relationship.

Be careful to proceed with caution with respect to any personal decisions you are facing at this time. For example, we don’t recommend that you move out of your home, attempt to set schedules to see your children, or make any significant financial decisions without first seeking counsel.

Try to remember that you are on the first step of a journey. We will build a professional relationship based upon trust and the mutual desire to reach a realistic resolution unique to each individual.

Please contact us either by phone or email in order to proceed. We work hard each day to assist and protect our clients through the changes they confront. We look forward to working with you.

77 W Wacker Dr # 4500, Chicago, IL 60601

Address: 77 W Wacker Dr # 4500, Chicago, IL 60601